torstai 1. joulukuuta 2016

Jen Sincero - You are a badass

Okay, this is a self-help book written by a woman, for women. So what the fuck I am listenign to it? Well of course, because I have the book and I can. And actually the cover didn't say it is "for women" and I had no idea if Jen is whose name. Obvious now of course. And actually I think I misread it as Jan.

Well I first thought this is shit, and it kind of is. But it is better shit than I first thought. It has the truth inside and the reader is author and very sincere and excited about the contents. I really enjoy listening this level of excitement what ever the contents are and in this case they aren't even that bad.

Go ahead, try to get your life a bit better. Listen to this. I will.

Speed: 1.3x (pretty fast reader)
Length: 5h 45min
Score: 4/5

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