maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Yuval Noah Harari - Sapiens (english)

So, as I am listening to this for the second time and this audiobook is in english I thought it would be useful to write this review also in english.

The full title of the book os "Sapiens - a brief history of Humankind" and it is absolutely the best (and probably most down to earth) book about anthropology I have read so far. This equals very well against Brief history of nearly everything (by Bill Bryson) but is about humans.

Book is very well written and flows from theme to another smoothly, almost perfectly. This book covers not only our biological history but our culture and religions. It has lots to think about and should be left on your device for relistening. Simply a very good book!

This book isn't read by the author but as usual with english productions, this is read very very well. I wonder how much time they spend on a production like this?

Length: 15h 17min
Prelistening score: 4/5
Speed: 1.5x
Link: Amazon

Final score: 5/5 *

Note: Asterisk after the score marks this title is worth relistening. And this most definitely is. I listened this only 6 months ago and enjoy it as much now.

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