sunnuntai 4. helmikuuta 2018

Cathy O'Neil - Weapons of Math destruction

... how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy 

Wow, provocative title. The author is mathematician who has worked both in academia and in wall street business (as data scientist) creating shitloads of money. I am computer scientist myself (with some maths background and interest in deep learning and data mining) so I believe she knows what she is talking about.

This book is about the big data and data mining and tells about the shitty outcomes from raw data mining from the piles of digital shitcrumbs we leave behind in our lives: people are losing jobs, houses, money, trust and whatnot.  Listen to the book yourself.

Author is the reader, which is always good. Pace is good, voice clear and pleasant to listen to. My speed is 1.0 because I want to really let the message sink in. This isn't too thick book.

Length: 6h23min
Speed: 1.0x
Score: 5+ 4/5 (I predict raise)

Midlistening feelings

This book is a data science masterpiece, I like it a lot. Readjusting points and marking as to-be-reread.

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