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How to setup Flic button for audiobooks

Just to make broader audience I decided to write this particular article in english: How to setup Flic ( button for audiobooks. What it is good for is to widen your area of listening experience - perhaps you like to slouch in couch and want to use speakers. Flic is to help you pause your audiobook player or whatnot. But this post is about that - how to setup flic for audiobooks.

First step is to get yourself flic button - yes you have earned it and you need it. Then you need to setup it. First download flic app, turn on bluetooth and connect your flic. Even though the setup is very simple i'd like to explain the steps here in these pictures.
Initially your flic setup is empty. Press "Add single click" + sign

Under the list select "Navigate music"

Before you press "Got it" once Flic shows you reminder on how to use timed functions. This good be good for sleep timer? Or wakeup timer :D

From the list of "Navigate types" select "Toggle play"

From the list of applications select "Smart audiobook player" or your preferred player and press red and friendly "Save action" 

And you are done! You can then continue setting up rest of the actions. I chose camera and find my phone.

And thats it! I use this when I want to play my audiobooks from the big speakers and don't want to use manual buttons because I am in different room. I also use it with my old school non-bluetooth wireless headphones because I can leave my phone right next to the station and still can use pause/play wirelessly. Very good.

Internet gives the perfect score of 5/7.

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